Tattooing is my favorite medium to work in, embracing the collaborative effort between artist and client.  I am excited for new projects, and honored to be a part of this unique subculture of self-expression.  Over the years I have really pushed myself in these styles of tattoo:  

Psychedelic Blend

This is a style I have been developing for a few years now, and really love where it is going.  These designs are all my ideas, usually pre-drawn and chosen by the client.


Illustrative tattooing is one of my favorite forms of the craft.  A mixture of bold and thin lines, combined with solid color blends and details make these tattoos fun to wear and built to last.  The more artistic control, the better. 


Black and Grey tattoos are timeless pieces of art to collect.  The high levels of contrast between your skin and the ink create bold, readable designs that stand the test of time.  The Dotwork style adds another level of texture and dimension to the tattoo.


Biomech tattooing takes an abstract approach to design concepts, with influences from nature, machines, and sacred geometry.  The natural flow of your body is transformed into surreal landscapes and alien organisms.  These tattoos are for the collector who wants to stand out from the crowd with a truly unique piece of art to wear.