Design Archive


Welcome to the Design Archive:  Original Tattoo designs by Dave Barton.  These designs are made to be tattooed in One Session.  If you require an additional session to finish it, we will charge my regular rate of $200/hr until it is complete.


1. Choose a Design.  Once a design is sold, it will not be available to anyone else.  

2.  Pay the Deposit.  Each design is priced with its deposit amount.  The remaining balance is paid at the time of the appointment.  In the description, details like Size, Placement, Color variations, Final Cost, etc are posted.  Each piece is different.

3.  Book Appointment.  You will receive an e-mail to book your appointment date.  This step is a must.  If no appointment is booked within 7 days, your deposit is forfeited and the design becomes available for anyone to get.  

If you have any questions, email